Letter to the Editor

The Use of Masks Should Be A Choice

In reference to any possible discussion and/or action regarding any government entity requiring the individuals or businesses to wear masks, I stand in full support that the decision to wear a mask or any other personal protective equipment is to be left at the sole discretion of the individual or business.

History repeats itself, as evidenced throughout time. With the expansion of social media (and mainstream media), we are one step closer to losing our own history. The “art of research” has taken a backstep to “feelings” that compare to a basic belief system. A belief system that when challenged, brings strong feelings and opinions without any tangible fact to support it – other than how it is perceived. People in roles of leadership are now less likely to actually research a topic they do not know and are more likely to repeat something they saw without taking the time to fact check it or understand the actual context as it was written.

This has been seen first-hand throughout the evolution of the COVID-19 virus from internationally recognized entities (such as the WHO and the CDC) – all the way down to local government levels (with some local leadership creating illegal proclamation orders), simply due to their judgment that is must be done to protect their belief system. We are seeing ludicrous attempts to control the spread of this virus and constituents following the guidance put forth – without a clear understanding of what is actually going on. We have shut down the education system, when it is one of the most important factors needed to control the spread and understanding of the virus. We have had the WHO, CDC, OSHA and many others that have rewritten their positions to keep up with the mainstream “feelings” or narrative instead of what has been factually and scientifically proven over time. They are not only rewriting history – they are erasing it.

Personal protective equipment exists to protect people from illness or harm. While some of the equipment seems pretty logical on how to use it (such as masks and gloves), it is evident that many do not understand how to properly wear them – and why. Most masks (with the exception of true respirators or those that have charcoal-like filters) do nothing to filter what is inhaled, other than reducing the amount of particles that can pass through the mask. But, regardless of the type of mask or respirator, there is nothing that reduces the amount of contamination released while exhaling. If anything, they help contain a sneeze or a cough – both of which are insignificant if keeping your physical distance from other people. I should not have to wear a mask if I maintain my physical distancing.

At what point do we take individual choice and make it a crime? This is a medical issue – not a criminal issue. To criminalize freedom of choice is not only unconstitutional, but borderlines dictatorship. Our government was never intended to control individual freedoms.

The use of masks is a choice that should be left to the individual or business to determine. It is not a decision that should be made by any government. Just as I have the freedom of choice for pro-life, or the use of cigarettes, or drinking, or do any other harm to my body – I also have the same right to decide if I should wear a mask or not. Please keep the right to choose with your constituents and not taken away by our governments.


Amanda Kaufman