Husky Rescued

Early Saturday morning, October 26, 2019. A husky named Rango was rescued from West Jordan, Utah he was flown in at the Kingman Airport. Rango was sent to be euthanized for killing some chickens in Utah. Thanks to Facebook Networking and Billie Tedesco a Kingman resident shared his photos on Facebook and his friend Stacy Merritt who also is a Kingman resident and Husky Lover saw the pictures and immediately wanted to adopt him. Mohave County Humane Society was able to get some paperwork done in order to get Rango out here. Alan Cluff a pilot from the Kingman Airport even offered to fly Rango to his new home here in Kingman. Stacy’s son in law who is the representative of the Mohave County Humane Society picked up Rango at the airport where he will be held there over the weekend then he will get neutered on Monday and in the afternoon Stacy will be able to pick him up and bring him home to join her other 2 Huskies and 1 German ShortHair Pointer.