USGS Study Showing Effects of Groundwater Withdrawals from the Hualapai Valley Basin Due in 2020

KINGMAN, Ariz. – In 2017, the City and County entered into an agreement to both equally fund a U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) at the cost of $400,000. The scientific study will show estimates of the potential effects of groundwater withdrawals from the Hualapai Valley Basin using a variety of withdrawal scenarios that will be provided to the USGS by the County, City, and other partners that will assist in the long range planning and future water development.

The USGS is working to finalize the study, and will publish their findings in 2020.

The USGS studies provide information and tools for local water-resource managers to better understand the existing groundwater system and plan for potential changes in the groundwater system from future change in water use, climate change, and other potential stresses. Additional potential future groundwater development and stresses on the groundwater system in the Hualapai Valley Basin have raised concerns about water availability from water managers in Mohave County; in particular, the City of Kingman water supply is primarily withdrawn from the Hualapai Valley Basin;

During the 2018 Arizona Legislative Session, the Department of Water Resources was appropriated $100,000 for the purposes of contracting with an independent consultant to estimate the rate of groundwater depletion in the Northwest basins planning area and estimate the number of years of groundwater remaining in the basin. That report is due to be published by the end of 2019.