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Plea Deal In The Works For Havasu Resident Martin

A Lake Havasu City man charged in the death of his infant daughter had a pre trial conference hearing in Kingman on July 11. Ty Martin, 23, is charged with second degree murder in May 11 death of the 18-month-old girl.

Lake Havasu police said the child was left unattended in the rear seat of Martin’s vehicle for 45 minutes to an hour while Martin was visiting at the home of his friend Noah Grabowski.  A probable cause statement indicated that Martin admitted smoking marijuana and playing video games while the victim was in the vehicle outside Grabowski’s home on Tailstar Lane.

Authorities said the men had begun driving away when they discovered the victim slumped over in the back seat. Emergency responders were unsuccessful in trying to revive her and she was pronounced dead following transport to the local hospital.

Legal Defender Ron Gileo advised the Court Thursday that the state has provided case disclosure information and extended a plea agreement offer. Gileo said he will be posing a counter offer.

Gileo is also asking for a review of release conditions so that it might become possible for Martin to be released from custody while awaiting trial. Mohave County Superior Court Judge Derek Carlisle scheduled a July 19 hearing to address that request.

A case management hearing was scheduled for September 9.