Kingman Police Department DUI Task Force

Drive Hammered, Get Nailed!

The Kingman Police Department’s DUI Task Force. (Photo: Aaron Ricca/File Photo)

KINGMAN – The Western AZ DUI Task Force will be out making sure our roads are safe this holiday weekend.

The Western AZ DUI Task Force will be out this Independence Day weekend. If you chose to drink, please don’t drive. Designate a sober driver. Anyone arrested for DUI drugs or DUI alcohol will go to jail and their vehicle will be impounded. The average cost of a DUI offense is close to $10,000 (fines, court fees, vehicle impound, insurance rates, etc…) 

The Kingman Police Department is an active participant in the Western Arizona DUI Taskforce, which includes the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office, Arizona Department of Public Safety, and other area agencies along the Colorado River. The Western Arizona DUI Taskforce will conduct DUI saturation patrols throughout the year during holidays and special events.

The penalties for impaired driving in Arizona are severe and include mandatory jail time, thousands of dollars in fines and court fees, suspension of driving license or privilege to drive, vehicle impoundment for 30 days and other expenses. There are consequences to human life from those that drive impaired. According to 2017 statistics reported by the Arizona Department of Transportation, 32% of all fatalities in Arizona were alcohol related. Statewide that is 320 people killed and 3,095 people injured. In Mohave County alone, there were 12 fatal crashes resulting in 13 killed and 137 people injured in the reported 184 alcohol related crashes. 

The Kingman Police Department wants to remind those that choose to drink to use a designated driver. If you suspect an impaired driver please contact law enforcement. 

Remember…….Drive Hammered, Get Nailed!!