Kingman Fire Department Community Risk Reduction Specialist Sean Osterman spoke to a small group on June 20, 2019 about fire safety. (Photo: Emily Black)

Senior Adults Educated on Fire Safety

Kingman Fire Department Community Risk Reduction Specialist Sean Osterman spoke to a small group on June 20, 2019 about fire safety. (Photo: Emily Black)

KINGMAN — Community Risk Reduction Specialist Sean Osterman knows how to entertain a crowd.

Osterman spoke candidly about fire safety to a group of about 15 people Thursday on behalf of the Kingman Fire Department.

He was the special guest speaker at the World Elder Abuse Awareness Ageless Knowledge Series at White Cliffs Senior Living. The Kingman Fire Department offers numerous fire and life safety education programs and partners with various groups to provide education to the community.

Osterman, who began working for the Kingman Fire Department about three years ago, made the learning experience fun for the audience. But he always redirected the speech back to the seriousness of the importance of fire safety.

“An event like this is very informative on ways to keep yourself and your loved ones safe,” said Osterman.

The WEAA Ageless Knowledge series began in January and aims to offer informational presentations to the community on a variety of topics throughout the year. The committee for the series includes Kingman Fire Department, Kingman Police Department, White Cliffs Senior Living, Jackson White Attorneys at Law, Harmony Hospice, the Better Business Bureau, Northern Arizona University Civic Service Institute and the Western Arizona Council of Governments.

This month, the topic was fire safety and fall prevention.

Osterman taught about kitchen safety. Some of his tips were to never leaving cooking unattended, use a timer, use cool water to cool burns and wear short sleeves when cooking. He also spoke about smoke alarms and where they should be placed throughout the home, and how to maintain them.

One of the most applicable topics was fall prevention. To date, the Kingman Fire Department has responded to about 318 fall reports. 147 of those were people over 60 years old. Osterman explained how regular exercise is important to keep muscles strong. He also taught about how it’s important to keep walkways clear, rise slowly from chairs, wear shoes with non-slip soles and use night lights.

Susan Olt, a 76-year-old resident of White Cliffs Senior Living, enjoyed attending the event. She smiled and nodded throughout the presentation.

“Fire is an equal opportunity killer,” said Olt. “Better off to be prepared and know what to do, rather than stand there and burn.”

Melissa Henak, the elder care advisor for Jackson White Attorneys at Law, said these events are important to the community. She explained that this event is just one in a series.

“Rather than offer a one-day event, we decided to offer educational information to seniors to support their health, well-being and safety,” said Henak.

The next seminar in the series will take place at 1 p.m. July 18 and will be about Adult Protective Services and their responsibilities. The event will be in the Wellness Room at White Cliffs Senior Living, 3600 Peterson Rd.

For more information, call 928-681-1050.