Handwriting Bomb Image (Image: Alpha Stock Images/Nick Youngon/CC3)
Mohave County

Bomb Threat at Fort Mohave Walmart Scares Employees and Customers

Handwriting Bomb Image (Image: Alpha Stock Images/Nick Youngon/CC3)

FORT MOHAVE — A reported bomb threat caused quite a bit of panic at the Fort Mohave Walmart yesterday.

The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office was notified about 1:25 p.m. June 20 about a man who had called the Fort Mohave Walmart and told staff a bomb was in the building.

Walmart employees immediately called the MCSO communication center to alert dispatch workers. Walmart staff evacuated the building. MCSO arrived and established street closures to ensure the safety of the first responders and evacuees.

Deputies and other responding officers entered the building and searched for the “bomb.” They found nothing out of the ordinary inside the building.

Fire and medical personnel remained on scene, treating the evacuated employees suffering from heat-related illnesses from the outside temperatures.

Once the sweep of the building was complete, staff and patrons were cleared to re-enter the building.