Mysterious lights over Kingman. (Photo: Zac Milliser)

Mysterious Lights Over Kingman

Mysterious lights over Kingman. (Photo: Zac Milliser)

KINGMAN — Zac Milliser recently photographed some mysterious lights over Kingman.

Milliser and his wife had stepped out to their porch last Saturday and happened to look off in the direction of the Hualapai Mountains and saw a bright light in the sky. Quickly, the one light became four lights. He said the fourth light came out of nowhere.

“The lights were moving in the very fluent motion,” said Milliser. “They were definitely moving a lot quicker than the perspective gives. They took turns intensifying in brightness and at one point they were even blinking, but not with different colors. They were extremely bright.”

He explained the lights went off toward the mountains and went out one by one shortly after he took the photos.

“I am always one to keep an open mind,” said Milliser. “This would be the third instance in my life that I’ve seen something unexplained in the skies. It’s not every day we observe things that we don’t understand in the sky. I feel blessed and lucky I was able to witness something unexplainable.”