Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Unit. (Photo MCSO)
Mohave County

Mohave County’s Cold Cases to be Brought Back to Life

Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Unit. (Photo: MCSO)

MOHAVE COUNTY — Sheriff Doug Schuster announced the creation of the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office Special Investigations Unit.

In January 2019, Schuster recognized the need for an organized unit dedicated to the investigation of cold cases. Sheriff Schuster knew the victims and loved ones of these unsolved cases deserved attention, dedication and closure.

Sheriff Schuster committed to the resolve that each cold case would be given the respect and diligence pursuant to the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office mission statement. Under the direction of Eric Stout, MCSO professional standards specialist and retired detective of 15 years, Detective Lieutenant Jason Elsbury and Detective Sergeant John Kole, this unit of volunteers has a collective law enforcement experience of 228 years.

Each Special Investigation Unit member has been approved by MCSO command staff and vetted to include a background check and polygraph examination. These volunteers will be provided updated training in crime scene investigation, evidence collection, defensive driving and firearms training.

“I’m very pleased that we were able to get this program up and running,” said Shcuster. “We have a great group of volunteers with a tremendous amount of law enforcement investigative experience. We have major cases that have gone unsolved for years, in some cases decades. We owe it to the victims in these cases to take another look. If we can close out one case, this program will be a huge success.”