Kingman Police Department's new recruiting campaign artwork. (Photo KPD)

Kingman Police Department Launches New Recruiting Campaign

Kingman Police Department’s new recruiting campaign artwork. (Photo: KPD)

KINGMAN – In an effort to recruit new officers, Kingman Police Department (KPD) partnered with the New Zealand Police (NZP) for a bold, new marketing campaign. The official unveiling of the exciting new marketing campaign artwork took place .

KPD reached out to NZP in January 2019, after seeing the proven results of their new marketing campaign and strategies that is geared toward recruiting younger people into a law enforcement career.

“It’s a new era, and to reach the younger people to join law enforcement has been a struggle, not only for rural Arizona, but internationally,” KPD Chief Robert DeVries said.

“We needed a better way to showcase Kingman as great, diverse community to be in, and to be part of the local law enforcement of this community,” DeVries said.

Helen Flannery, the senior marketing advisor at NZP said the New Zealand Police are really happy to share their recruitment ideas and campaign material with international colleagues in Kingman. She said they are both aiming for the same thing, which is to recruit fantastic people into the organisations. Flannery said they need people who will help make the cities and country safer.  

“We like to add a bit of Kiwi humour to our campaigns and are keen to show that NZ Police is an organisation which, while doing serious work, is an organisation with a positive and warm culture, and where people are encouraged to be their best selves and bring their unique set of skills to their job,” said Flannery.

As research has shown, changing gears from a more traditional approach to law enforcement recruitment, has become a staple in order to appeal to younger adults who are curious about a law enforcement career.

Currently, KPD offers great benefits to new recruits like every other weekend off, a take home vehicle and gear and uniforms to name only a few.