Kingman Regional Medical One Care Logo. MCR/KRMC/File Photo

KRMC to Debut New Electronic Health Record

Kingman Regional Medical “One Care Logo”. MCR/KRMC/File Photo

KINGMAN – Kingman Regional Medical Center (KRMC) will launch a new electronic health record system on June 1.

An electronic health record (EHR) is a digital version of a patient’s chart, including the patient’s complete health history.

Since 2018, KRMC has been working with Meditech™ – a Boston-based company specializing in hospital and health care information systems – to create a custom EHR for KRMC’s specific needs.

The new EHR system at KRMC is called One Care.

“Our system is now equivalent to the technology used by large urban hospitals,” says KRMC’s Chief Information Officer Arek Shennar.

With One Care, each patient will have one record throughout KRMC’s health system. This means the record contains all patient encounters – the clinical information and notes from each time the patient visits a KRMC office or is hospitalized at KRMC. Initially, patients may experience slight delays during their office visits as providers transition to the new system.

KRMC has used electronic patient records in the past. However, One Care is the first fully-integrated health record system at KRMC.

“Using one record throughout the whole health system benefits both the patient and the provider,” says Shennar.

When the provider has access to all the available medical information in one place, they are able to evaluate the patient’s health and reach an accurate diagnosis more quickly.

Following the One Care launch, KRMC will ask all patients to fill out updated forms at their next visit. This will ensure that the record contains accurate and up-to-date information.

Once this information is recorded, patients will not need to complete additional forms for future visits – unless their information changes.  

“Some patients may have minor delays at their office visits while we collect the necessary data,” says Shennar.

“However, once this information is in our new system, we’ll always have it – whether you visit your family doctor, urgent care, or are admitted to the hospital.”

For questions about KRMC’s One Care system, contact KRMC Public Relations at 928-263-4565.