Three horses standing together in the desert. MCR_File Photo

Four Cases of Equine Herpes Virus in Maricopa County

Three horses standing together in the desert. MCR/File Photo

ARIZONA — Horse owners are reminded that they should practice good biosecurity at events and limit unnecessary contact with horses that are not your own or familiar to you. Do not share feed pans, water buckets or grooming supplies.

This is especially pertinent to horse owners who travel and take their horses to shows. Kingman has many events involving horses.

Try to limit any over-the-fence contact between horses and neighbors’ horses especially if the vaccine status of a horse is not known. Please be advised that all of the diagnosed EHV cases in the state to date have all been of the type that vaccination can protect against.

Make sure horse vaccines are current even if they don’t go anywhere or are not exposed.

For more information, contact the Office of the State Veterinarian at 602-542-4293 or visit…/divisions/animal-services