Fifth grade students enjoy a game of tug-o-war during the field day at Cerbat Elementary School. MCR/Emily Black/File Photo

Wind Didn’t Stop the Fun

Fifth grade students enjoy a game of tug-o-war during the field day at Cerbat Elementary School. MCR/Emily Black/File Photo

KINGMAN — The children at Cerbat Elementary School were determined to have fun today during their field activities, despite the cool windy weather.

Children were lined up at various stations throughout the school’s field. The students were then rotated through about 8 different games. Some of the games included tug-o-war, the Spongebob game, team walkers, scooters, bean bag toss and potato sack races.

Rick Olivas, the school’s physical education teacher, stood guard in the field with a whistle hanging from his neck.

“It’s important to have something positive for the kids to end the school year on,” said Olivas.

“They work so hard all year, and it’s good for them to have a day where they can have fun.”

Breanna Hoover, a fifth grade student, was wet from taking part in the water slide.

“My favorite thing was the water slide,” said Breanna. “I had a good time, but now I’m cold.”

The team walkers game is an activity that builds students’ skills in working as a team. About four children are lined up to walk on sturdy plastic walkers. The goal is to have the team work together to coordinate steps to move the participants toward the finish line.

Students had a great time playing tug-o-war during the event. The teams were divided between boys and girls.

Matthew Pitta, a fifth grade student, was patiently waiting in line with his friends. He explained that his favorite part about field day was tug-o-war.

“I had so much fun at the tug-o-war,” said Matthew. “I played several times, and each time I was on the winning team.”

Kristi Johnson, one of the school’s fifth grade teachers, said it’s always a fun day for the students.

“It gives the kids a chance to unwind and have fun at the end of the year,” said Johnson.

“A lot of these kids are fifth grade students, and it’s a good way to send them off. This day will give them something positive to remember when they go off to the middle school next year.”

The Spongebob game also requires the students to use teamwork. The children are lined up in front of buckets of water. They have to pass a water-filled sponge from one student to the next until it gets to the end of the line. The final student has to drain what’s left of the water into the bucket at the end.

Mikayla Booth, a third grade student, said her favorite game was the Spongebob game.

“It’s my favorite because you have to pass it around and use teamwork,” said Mikayla.