Private Trash Service Advertising Causing Confusion

A City of Kingman sanitation truck picking up a commercial dumpster. YoutTube Screen Shot_File Photo

KINGMAN – A private trash service has mailed city residents what appears to be a cheaper rate for residential trash services.

If a person lives within the city limits, they do NOT have the option to privatize their residential trash pickup.

The city charges $19.78 per month for twice-weekly trash pickup, compared to the once weekly as advertised on a mailer, by a private company.

City of Kingman Utility Regulations specifically state:

  • Except as otherwise provided in this article, it shall be the sole responsibility of the city sanitation department to collect and convey garbage through the streets or alleys of the city for a fee.
  • Except where services are being rendered by a commercial licensee pursuant to Section 5.3, the city shall provide city-owned containers approved by the sanitation superintendent to occupants for the placement of garbage. The containers shall be distributed and positioned as scheduled by the Sanitation Superintendent. [Ord. 710, 7/5/88; Ord 716, 9/6/88; Ord. 1217, 05/03/99]