Kingman High School Teacher Danny Gonzalez bestows a Cambridge biology award to Madysen Heckmann. MCR/Emily Black

KHS Math, Science Students Reap Awards

Kingman High School Teacher Danny Gonzalez bestows a Cambridge biology award to Madysen Heckmann. MCR/Emily Black

KINGMAN — The Kingman High School auditorium was packed with proud family members as the school handed out 169 math and science awards.

During the April 29 event, students paraded across the stage to receive their honors for the year. Some students garnered both awards, while others walked away with one or the other. Family cheered and applauded as their favorites grinned and shook the teacher’s hand.

“These kids have done exemplary work all year,” said Danny Gonzalez, chairman of the science department. “It shows the kids and the parents that we care. It’s big, and I’m glad to be part of it.”

Jacob Jones, a 16-year-old sophomore, accepted a geometry award. Jacob said he worked hard in his geometry class and he had a personal goal for achieving his certificate.  

“This award means a lot to me because it shows my parents that I’m actually doing well in life,” said Jacob.

Junior Alana Cortez, 18, received two awards — chemistry and honors algebra 2.

“It’s an honor to get an award,” said Alana. “It acknowledges the hard work and the amount of effort I put into it, which is a lot.”

Rusty Moomey, the school’s principal, beamed with pride as he watched the ceremony. Moomey said the majority of news coverage focuses on sporting events and theater, which leads people to believe students may not be getting the total quality of education they deserve.

“But when you come to these awards ceremonies, there’s a reward for these kids working hard,” said Moomey. “Ninety percent of students say that math is their worst subject, but our teachers make it understandable and reachable. This ceremony makes the kids feel recognized.”

The following earned awards:

Biology (Jerry McGuire’s class) — Chloe Serrano, Jacob Brooks, Malachi Brown, Thomas DiDomizio, Candice Frisby, Madison Lawlor, Brian Rathbun, Jarret McClain, Clairissa Daines, Hunter Escoffier and Shauntel Crozier.

Biology (Alex Bender’s class) — Hanna Padgett, Tiantiece Holwell, Ashley Hartman, Alexis Pintarich, Samantha Cole, Diana Gutierrez, Haili Penrod and Alexa Simsim.

Earth Science (Kristen Rodriguez’s class) — Justin McClain, Christian Steward, Skylar Anderson, Jason Reitz and Andrew Bajana.

Biology (Kristen Rodriguez’s class) — Anthoney Orozco, Stephanie Pateras, Angel Johnson, Jane Farmer and Laila Meradiaga.

Biology (Danny Gonzalez’s class) — Christopher Martinez and Addisson Dietz.

Cambridge Biology (Danny Gonzalez’s class) — Madysen Heckmann, Lily Smith and Trinity Smith.

Anatomy and Physiology (Danny Gonzalez’s class) — Abigail Ford, Lauren Hennigan, Hailey Ross, Christine McIver, Charity Stedman, Kelsey Green, Charlene Stedman, Esther Torres and Elvira Torres.

Chemistry (Russell Delude’s class) — Cloe Voigt, Madison Bell, Lea Brehaut, Devon Sarzynski and Alana Cortez.

Honors Chemistry (Russell Delude’s class) — Emily Pangburn, Jimena Lopez-Cruz, Samuel Simanson, Yeimy Juarez Zacarias and Tangilyse Rivedal.

Physics (Russell Delude’s class) — Rachel Masters, Jordan Lindsley, William Whitten, Andrew Bajana and Matthew Mendez.

Algebra I (Cassie Jones’ class) — Tiantiece Holwell, Oscar Lopez, Austyn Seidel, Evan Camou, Christopher Martinez, Addison Dietz, Jane Farmer, Ashley Hartman, Hailey Keller, Alexis Pintarich, Clairissa Daines, Manuel Gordian and Laila Meradiaga.

Algebra I (Brenda Pryor’s class) — George Valdez, Tyler Abel, Diana Gutierrez, Evan Martinez, Brian Rathbun, Shauntel Crozier and Angel Johnson.

Cambridge Math I (Brenda Pryor’s class) — Clyde Generale, Camaron Haller, Madysen Heckmann, Conner O’Campo, Lily Smith and Sean Hernandez.

Geometry (Sensei Mampuya’s class) — Victoria Aldrich, Amber Antuna, Anthoney Orozco, Candice Frisby, Bailey Camfield, Coleton Padilla, Kaden Horner, Lacie Leibrant, Alena Pinto, Cassidy Abramson and Alex Austin.

Algebra 2 (Sensei Mampuya’s class) — Daniela Avila, Brenna Byrd, Alex Cardenas, Alexis Esser and DeAndre Lewis.

Algebra 2 (Rowena Nestel’s class) — Jazmyn Robertson, Lea Brehaut, Rachel Masters, Elaura MacCharles and Justin McClain.

Honors Algebra 2 (Rowena Nestel’s class) — Ashden Barrett, Buddy Ray Blake, Reagan Boydstun, Alana Cortez, Ashley Gale, Nickolas Nohnson, Emily Pangburn, Tatum Rader, Charity Stedman, Christian Steward, Jordan Lindsley, Hailey Ross, Alyssa Dodge, David Hammond, Lauren Hennigan, Jason Marquez, Krystal Rappe, Samuel Simanson, Charlene Stedman and Leonel Torres Vazquez.

Discrete Math/Probability and Statistics (Arnel Dimla’s class) — Rheannon Mesa, Paul Jones, Rilee Araya, Matthew Ruggles and Keegan Gesser.

Geometry (Arnel Dimla’s class) — Marley Peterson, Amaiya Shelton, Devin Sakariasen, Emanuel Anaya, Tyler Guernsey, Alejandrina Cazarez, Falicity Pitts, Jacob Jones, Ryan Merrit, Cloe Voigt, Valeria Medina, Jarret McClain, Hailey Shennar-Gibson, David Lopez and Stephanie Pateras.

Honors Geometry (Darcy Malmin’s class) — Annie Stockstill, Esther Torres, Elvira Torres, Andrew Mecom, Kaytlyn Fairbanks, Cassidy Bracken and Kori Smith.

Personal Finance (Darcy Malmin’s class) — Lindy Turner, Falicity Pitts, Asia Abraham, Dean Curtis, Andrew Gale, Julia Ostberg and Makaela Levy.

Pre-Calculus (Darcy Malmin’s class) — William Whitten, Mikayla Peterson, Gabriella Lammers and Cassandra Cunningham.

Outstanding Senior Science Award 2019 — Matthew Mendez.

Outstanding Senior Math Award 2019 — Cassandra Cunningham.