Mohave County

Dolan Springs Trail System Receives Two Large Grants

Photo by Emily Black

DOLAN SPRINGS — Two new grants will make it easier for visitors to the Dolan Springs Trail System to enjoy nature.

The grants were approved April 27 by Arizona State Parks & Trails and focus on trail repair and enhancement, as well as safety, education and environment. The Trail Repair and Enhancement grant is $30,381.20, and the Safety, Education and Environment grant totals $6,598.46.

“This is a major victory for the Dolan Springs Trail System,” said Ian Greenberg, vice president of the non-profit. “We already have the best trails in Arizona and with these new enhancements, we will set the bar even higher.”

The Trail Repair and Enhancement grant features 16 days of professional trail repair and enhancement, a new shade ramada and picnic table, six new benches, exercise bars, a bike rack and a vandalism warning sign.

The Safety, Education and Environment grant involves 100 plant identification markers, a new expanded informational kiosk and history and information signs and poles. It also includes 12-page color brochures with information about the area, 10 new birdhouses, first aid kits and solar lighting.

According the group’s website, the trails are located on 480 acres of Bureau of Land Management property. They are situated at the northern end of the Mount Tipton Wilderness Area, which is in the Cerbat Mountains.

Greenberg said the group has limited funding and relies on grants to pay for big-ticket items needed by the trail system. It’s mission is to provide open space, develop trails and acquire acreage for recreation.

“Besides now having enough funds to maintain and enhance our trails, it is very validating since we competed with other outdoor organizations all over Arizona,” said Greenberg. “The grant application process is also long and complicated.”

Greenberg said group members will be working together to design, construct and coordinate the changes.

For more information, visit the Dolan Springs Trail System’s website at