Kingman Steampunk Invaders. (Photo by Emily Black)

Kingman Steampunk Invaders Scavenge Downtown Area

Photo by Emily Black


“I once was amid a Forest.

But now I stand Alone.

I’m quite certain I am the oldest.

But not in front of a home. —5th St.”

This description is just one of the 40 clues members of the Kingman Steampunk Invaders had to decipher as part of their 1st Ever Somewhat  Historical Scavenger Hunt this afternoon.

Another clue reads “Wagon Trails of the late 1800’s

Unless you have time to travel through the park,

Please just take a photo of the Mark (sign)….”

This refers to the White Cliff’s Wagon Trail Historic Site.

The group is, according to its Facebook page, a time traveling social group dedicated to lighthearted family friendly adventures.

For more information, visit the Kingman Steampunk Invaders Facebook page.