Jennifer Malynda Sparks (Photo courtesy of MCSO)

Female Inmate Allegedly Swallowed Drugs

Jennifer Malynda Sparks (Photo courtesy of MCSO)

KINGMAN — A female inmate at the Mohave County Adult Detention Facility allegedly swallowed drugs before entering the facility.

The Mohave County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a case of drug possession at the Mohave County Adult Detention Facility. Jail staff learned that about 5 p.m. April 23, Jennifer Malynda Sparks, 38, of Lake Havasu City, had reportedly swallowed drugs before being processed into the facility.

MCSO said a body scan revealed Sparks had a foreign object in her body. She allegedly admitted to swallowing the items three days before surrendering herself. She was transported to Kingman Regional Medical Center and a search warrant was processed for a search of her body cavities.

Doctors gave Sparks a dose of Narcan because they were worried about her heart rate during the body scans. She responded positively to the Narcan. MCSO said emergency room staff discovered a large amount of pills in Sparks’ stomach about 9 p.m. Hospital staff performed an emergency procedure to remove the items.

MCSO said three separate bags were removed from her stomach during the procedure. She was transferred to a recovery room and the items were taken in as evidence.

This investigation is ongoing.

Sheriff Doug Schuster stated, following last week’s overdoses, that security measures are being reviewed. The sheriff was glad the drugs were detected before they made their way into the general population. “Inmates will go to great lengths to try and circumvent the system. We must remain ever diligent to ensure the safety of the facility, our staff and the inmate population,” said Schuster.

Source: Mohave County Sheriff’s Office