Tiger in the Denver Zoo. (Photo by Blake Meyer)
Mohave County

Keepers of the Wild Attack Details Still Murky (Update)

(Photo by Blake Meyer)

VALENTINE, Ariz. – Little info is leaking from the reported tiger attack at Keepers of the Wild Monday afternoon.

A statement was made on the Keepers of the Wild Facebook page shortly before 8 p.m. Tuesday.  “When I feel a little better I will make a public statement regarding what REALLY happened. I am recovering well and appreciate everyone’s thoughts and prayers. The cat is also doing fine and was not euthanized for obvious reasons: human errors.”

Sources in the Hackberry and Valentine areas near the animal sanctuary have said Keepers of the Wild Founder Jonathan Kraft was severely injured by an animal, but no official statement from Keepers or first-responder agencies have confirmed any details.

A spokesperson for the Mohave County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Monday that they responded to a medical call, but that was all the information they released.

‘The Rattler’ reached to Park Manager Patrick Rogers Tuesday afternoon, but has received no response.

More information will become posted as it becomes available. 

Original Story: Possible Animal Attack at Keepers of the Wild