A wrecked car left in the road at night (Photo by Matthew T Rader)

House Passes Bans on Texting While Driving and Distracted Driving

A wrecked car left in the road at night (Photo by Matthew T Rader)

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Speaker Rusty Bowers (R-25) today applauded the House of Representatives for passing HB 2318, which prohibits the use of a hand-held device while operating a moving vehicle, and SB 1141, which prohibits distracted driving.

“I’m proud that the Legislature has finally passed a texting while driving ban,” said Speaker Bowers. “I applaud Senator Brophy McGee, Representative Campbell, Senator Mesnard, President Fann, and others for their work on this issue. I also want to thank my colleagues for their thoughtful deliberation on the various proposals.”

“These accidents are entirely avoidable, so I especially want to thank the families who have lost loved ones due to texting drivers. Their willingness to share painful experiences and advocate for this law will undoubtedly save others from a similar fate.”

HB 2318 was authored by Senator Kate Brophy McGee (R-28) and added as a strike everything amendment to a bill sponsored by the chair of the House Transportation Committee, Representative Noel Campbell (R-1).

“Simply put, Arizona roads will be safer with these laws on the books,” said Representative Campbell. “Many cities have already implemented their own texting while driving bans, so a statewide law is much needed. I’m pleased that the Legislature has acted, and I look forward to Governor Ducey signing these bills into law.”