Nahum Rivas-Rivera. (Photo courtesy USCBP)
On The Border

Convicted Murderer Arrested by Arizona Border Patrol

Nahum Rivas-Rivera. (Photo courtesy USCBP)

TUCSON – U.S. Border Patrol agents near Naco, Arizona apprehended an illegal alien, who had been previously convicted for murder in Baltimore, Maryland on Tuesday.

Agents from the Brian A. Terry Station were patrolling near the international border and apprehended two men who illegally entered the United States. Agents identified Nahum Rivas-Rivera, 37, convicted in 2006 of first degree murder in Baltimore, Maryland, where he served one year in prison before being deported.

Border patrol agents said this was Rivas’ third known attempt to re-enter the United States since his arrest in 2006. Rivas now faces immigration charges for felony re-entry and will be held in custody pending a disposition from the court system.

U.S. Border Patrol performs criminal history checks using biometrics to ensure illegal immigrants with criminal histories are positively identified.