KUSD Selling Used Textbooks

KUSD Selling Used Textbooks

KINGMAN — The Kingman Unified School District is selling used textbooks to help supplement children’s education.

KUSD has old textbooks available for grades 1-6. The cost for each book is $5, and they can be purchased at the KUSD District Office, 3033 McDonald Ave.

The books are Guess Who, 153 pages; Catch A Dream, 173 pages; Here And There, 185 pages; Time Together, 263 pages; Gather Around, 269 pages; Just For You, 461 pages; Banner Days, 445 pages; Changing Patterns, 443 pages; On Your Mark, 453 pages; Lead The Way, 775 pages; Distant Voyages, 753 pages and Timeless Treasures, 747 pages.

KUSD Assistant Superintendent Jeri Wolsey said the money from the book sales will be used to purchase updated textbooks for the district. She said recycling the books is important.

“We don’t want them to end up in a landfill,” said Wolsey. “Also, maybe they can be of help to someone who needs extra reading material for their child.”