Scam Warning
Crime Kingman

Police Warn Businesses about Scam

KINGMAN — Businesses beware.

The Kingman Police Department said a scammer is calling businesses, pretending to be the owner or district manager. Police said the scammer tries to convince the employees to gather all the cash from the store and obtain gift or money cards.

The information on the cards is given to the scammer, who then redeems the cash at another location, said police. Several employees, predominantly younger and naïve, have nearly followed through when their employment was threatened.  

Police said in almost every situation, the scammer uses fear to gain cooperation. Many of the employees have been working alone. Police are asking business owners and managers to provide training about scams to their employees, because once the money is transferred, there is no chance of getting it back.

Most of these scams originate from foreign countries, said police.