Hualapai Kwik Stop

Hualapai Kwik Stop Expanding Drink Menu

Hualapai Kwik Stop (Photo by Aaron Ricca)

KINGMAN – The neighborhoods near Hualapai Mountain Road are going to have a lot more choices for beverages starting this week.

Dion and Marni Lauck, owners of Hualapai Kwik Stop, have moved the Paradise beverage business/kiosk from the Wash Me Car Wash on Stockton Hill Road to Hualapai Kwik Stop at 2500 Hualapai Mountain Rd.

“It was doing really well,” Marni said. “The car wash wanted a better use of the property.”

The Lauck’s have owned Hualapai Kwik Stop for nearly 25 years and in the last few days have been frantically shifting things around the 2,400 square-foot convenience store located on one of the busiest roads in Kingman. Paradise will become part of the store and sling out an assortment of shaved ice, freshly-made smoothies, milk shakes, sodas and coffee.

“It’s a neighborhood business driven by customer service,” said Dion.

He estimates that about 35,000 people stop by the store every week. Many of them are locals from the nearby neighborhoods, but there’s also a diverse assortment of  traffic from construction workers, off-road vehicle enthusiasts and travelers picking up snacks, gas and beverages while heading to and from the Hualapai Mountains.

The store already has at least 630 beers available including growler filling stations that provide brews from Black Bridge Brewery and Rickety Cricket in Kingman and Mudshark Brewing in Lake Havasu City.

Hualapai Kwik Stop already has a few frozen smoothies stored in a tiny fridge by the front door and a small assortment of coffee.

New hours of 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. will begin Thursday.

“Depending on the rate of sales, we’ll shift the hours,” Dion said.

The Lauck’s are cramming all their drink-making and equipment and 10 employees into the small store. Expect a variety of shave ice, milkshakes, lattes, sodas and coffee – most of it Kona Brand, grown in Hawaii and one of the most prestigious brands in the world.

Dion uses the term ‘shave’ instead of ‘shaved’ both as a tribute to the original Hawaiian term and to avoid confusion with a snow cone-making competitor. The difference between shave ice and snow cones is that shave ice is made from a block of ice literally ground to melt-in-your-mouth consistency. Snow cones are usually made from a crushed ice that involves the extra effort of chewing.

With summer around the corner, the Lauck’s hope that plenty of people from the nearby neighborhoods and those commuting up and down the hill stop for a drink or two.

“We pride ourselves on being a mom and pop operation,” Dion said. “We’re excited to bring Paradise here because we think our products are amazing.”

Go to the Paradise at the Kwik Stop Facebook page for the menu and other information.