Garbage dumpster is overflowing with trash. MRC/NeONBRAND/File Photo
Mohave County

Free Hazardous Waste Collection

Photo by NeONBRAND

MOHAVE COUNTY — Residents of Mohave County can dispose of residential hazardous waste at two locations this weekend.

Mohave County and the Kingman Fire Department are sponsoring the event.

Kingman area residents can bring their items to the old Mohave County Public Works Department, 3675 E. Andy Devine Ave. from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sunday. There will be another drop-off location in Bullhead City during the same time at the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division, 1325 Alonas Way.

“When you put hazardous waste in landfills, it adds to the chemical soup in the landfill,” said Cullin Pattill, manager of the Mohave County Environmental Quality.

Pattill said some of the hazardous liquids create landfill leachate. Leachate is a liquid in the landfill that has come in contact with physical waste from a trash collection site or dump.

“One of the big things we want to get rid of is motor oil and paint because it adds to the volume of leachate and can create chemical reactions in the landfill that we don’t want to have,” said Pattill.

The items that are acceptable to bring include aerosol cans, automotive fluids, auto and light truck tires of the rim, batteries, fertilizer, gasoline and kerosene, compact fluorescent bulbs, creosote, electronics, fertilizer, hobby and photographic chemicals, household cleaners, mercury, outdated medication, paint products, pesticides, herbicides, weed killer, pool chemicals, water sealers and any other product that is labeled “caution, warning, danger, poison, toxic, flammable, combustible or corrosive.”

Some of the items that will not be accepted are commercial waste, explosives, ammunition, appliances, commercial tires, industrial waste, radioactive waste, furniture, documents for shredding and any material from businesses or institutions.

“The best thing you can do with your household waste is to use the product as intended and use it in its entirety,” said Pattill.