One of 16 challenges runners can expect at the Right Crucible Obstacle Race. Photo courtesy of Anna Vernon Shuffler

Right Crucible Obstacle Race a Week Away

One of 16 challenges runners can expect at the Right Crucible Obstacle Race. (
Photo courtesy of Anna Vernon Shuffler )

KINGMAN – Get ready to get muddy, bloody and wet next weekend.

The 3rd Annual Right Crucible 5K Obstacle race (and one-mile race for the kids) will wear people to the bone April 13.

“You’re gonna’ get dirty,” said Anna Vernon Shuffler, owner of SHIFT Training Center and race organizer.

There will be 16 obstacles including rope swings, balance beams, tires and a mud crawl. All obstacles were built on site and by Lingenfelter Family employees.

Shuffler merged minds with the Lingenfelter Family to take the lead on bringing a new form of fitness to Kingman to benefit Beale Street Theater.

Bring towels, baby wipes and definitely a change of clothes and/or shoes. Sunscreen, a small first aid kit and an extra dose of pride will help sooth the pain of the thrill from pushing yourself to the limit.

Included in the waiver is an acknowledgment that a participant can expect an extreme test of one’s physical and metal limits and carried with the potential for death, serious injury, cuts, bruises, sprains as well as snake bites, cactus needles and property loss (let someone else take the pics).

The Right Crucible started three years ago to raise funds for Beale Street Theatre. So far about $1,500 a year in donations has been raised from the race.

Roughly 100 people have participated in past events, many of them children.

“This is definitely a kid-friendly event,” Shuffler said. “They really get into this type of race.”

Shuffler is always looking for volunteers and donations.

She’s even more excited this year ever since Doug Angle, CEO of Angle Homes, has started a grant matching program.  For every dollar raised toward bringing Beale Street Theatre to life, Angle will match the amount up to $100,000.

There will be plenty of snacks and treats after the race. Don’t expect showers though.

“It’s expensive to haul water out here,” Shuffler said.

Bring a sense of adventure and even the kids.

“It’s a family friendly race and it’s worth the time,” Shuffler said.

Pre-race package pick up is 5 to 7 p.m. Friday at SHIFT Training Center at 208 N. 5th Street. The race starts at 8 a.m. Saturday. Directions to the site are simple. Drive to Kingman Airport and take a left at the stoplight. The obstacles and conglomeration of people stretching before the run should be obvious.

For more information, visit The Right Crucible Obstacle Race Facebook page.