Tax Sale
Mohave County

Mohave County to Hold Tax Deed Sale

LAKE HAVASU CITY– Long gone are the days of auctioneers and potential bidders crowding the steps of the Superior Court building in Kingman for a county tax deed sale. For the first time in 11 years, Mohave County will be holding an online only sale. The sale will begin Monday, April 8 and end on Wednesday, April 10. There are roughly 800 delinquent parcels available.

During a tax deed sale, the buyer is acquiring the property out right at usually a rate less than fair market value. The benefits for the county are that these properties go back onto the tax rolls instead of continuing to be delinquent for years to come.

Mohave County currently sits on over 15,000 delinquent parcels. If the upcoming tax deed sale goes well, Mohave County Treasurer Cindy Cox hopes to hold future sales eventually clearing the tax rolls of delinquent properties.  “Every year the Treasurer’s office is claiming we add an additional 2,000 parcels onto that number. If we go at a slow rate of only offering up just 800 some parcels a year, it is going to take us a long time to recoup our money and get these properties back on the tax role,” Supervisor Johnson stated.  “While I understand, the county wants to see how the sale goes before going forward with a considerable amount, we should be holding multiple sales a year going forward in order to get these properties out of our hands. I don’t see why we can’t present a list of say 2,000 parcels in September and then hold multiple sales throughout the year.  We could put 500 of those parcels up in January, another 500 up in March and so forth. So in the end we are doing about 2,000 parcels, but making it more attracted to buyers by splitting them up into different sales,” Johnson suggested for the future.

For those who wish to participate in this sale, bidders must complete the website registration process, including all required information fields, agree to the terms of the online User Agreement, and create a User ID and password. Prior to placing a bid on a property, the registered participant must provide a 10% deposit of the bid amount they will offer for each property.  The winning bidder may choose to apply available deposit funds, then approve the method of payment for the remaining balance due within 48 hours after the close of the online Tax Deed Sale auction. Payment of all winning bids must be received by Mohave County within 5 business days after the close of the online Tax Deed Sale auction.

The online Tax Deed Auction will be held through RealAuction ( – The site will is available now to register and participants can make a deposit through April 3.

For a list of properties included in the sale please click here:

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