They’ll be no short supply of garbage and weeds to clear this Sunday. (Photo Illustration by Aaron Ricca)


They’ll be no short supply of garbage and weeds to clear this Sunday. (Photo Illustration by Aaron Ricca)

KINGMAN – Kingmanites will have the opportunity to clean the streets and have a good time this Sunday.  

Sarah Ferry, co-owner of the soon-to-open ‘West of Third’ boutique, florist and coffee shop, is looking for volunteers to pick up litter and maybe even pull a few weeds during the inaugural ‘Kingman Gets Trashy’ community service event April 7.

The idea came to fruition when Ferry got to talking with some of the other downtown regulars about the unsightliness of trash and weeds.

Knowing the City of Kingman is stretched thin when it comes to cleaning the streets, she decided to organize the trash pickup and maybe even yank up the jungles of weeds that have sprouted after the wet winter.

Not only will participants be cleaning, but they’ll be looking at room for improvement for other projects.

“We’ll be out taking notes on what else might need to be cleaned or fixed,” Ferry said.

So far, interest is minimal and information is spread via social media and word of mouth.

She hasn’t reached out to schools or scout troops yet. Depending on the turnout for the inaugural event, more cleanup days might be organized.

“We’ll try it and see if people are into doing this,” Ferry said. “Hopefully it will inspire people to get involved in cleaning up their own neighborhoods.”

The cleanup is catered to an adult audience (kids ARE welcome) with the intention of getting folks outside for a few hours without feeling like they are doing some sort of mandatory community service-type activity. Slamming a few A.M. Ales isn’t discouraged and might even make the experience more festive. In fact, after-work celebrations will convene at one or many of the downtown drinking establishments.

“I want to find more ways to get people more engaged in helping the community,” Ferry said.

Those who do show up need to bring work gloves, water, snacks and whatever tools they think might make the job easier. Now might be a good time to use some of those plastic grocery bags in the junk drawer. Ferry will have a few tools and garbage bags on hand but the more resources available will make the job easier.

Using social media to spread the message is more than encouraged. Volunteers can post pics and share (for bragging rights) them to the Kingman Gets Trashy Facebook page with the hashtag #kingmangetstrashy. A prize drawing for the best pics were originally part of the day’s plans but scrapped until a better guarantee of volunteer turnout is projected.

There will be participation prizes for all, including hugs from Ferry herself.

If interested, meet at 11 a.m. at Locomotive Park with and handful of motivation and be prepared to have fun.

For more information, visit the Kingman Gets Trashy Facebook page.