Southwest Trading Co. on Beale Street.

Downtown Businesses Shifting Like Chess Pieces — for the Best!

Southwest Trading Co. on Beale Street was holding a Sunday yard sale to raise funds and make room for a new business venture.

Story and Photo by AARON RICCA

KINGMAN – While folks are still figuring out how to spend the intermission from the cold ‘Part I’ of winter 2019 and the ‘Part II’ of spring, a few downtown businesses are molting, moving and materializing.

Saturday’s rain postponed the sidewalk yard sale efforts of Sarah Ferry, owner of Southwest Trading Co. on Beale Street. As of noon Sunday, her plans were back on track.

She was re-organizing the building space that will soon be home to a conglomeration of multiple businesses and business ideas.

‘West of 3rd’ is slowly coming together.

West of Third Street in downtown Kingman, Ferry and friends plan to try something that might line the town up with Prescott or Flagstaff.

If all goes as planned, the row of shops, boutiques and art galleries between Second and Third Streets will become a small row of enterprises that’ll provide opportunities to walk, look and spend for local day-drinking adventurers and tourists taking a trek beyond the confines of the Kingman Powerhouse parking lot.

Ferry laid out part of the plan.

‘West of Third’ will merge what was once Southwest Trading Co. with Larrea Blossoms, a local florist company; Rosebird Gardens, a local garden and Wet Dirt, which specializes in locally crafted natural skin care products. Within somewhere of 1,000 to 1,500 square feet between indoors and outside, the entrepreneurs will mix and match talents while including a public garden, a few sidewalk tables and a simple, no frilly, foo-foo drink coffee stop.

“’Just a Cup’,” Ferry explained. “We’re not trying to be another coffee shop. Just a place to grab a small cup of coffee or tea to sip on while you hang out and take a look and shop around.”

She also has plans for a back-patio garden and tables in front of her store.

While Ferry was working on her new space, Amanda Lawrence, owner of the western wear boutique ‘Bit of the West’, was with sweeping, painting and preparing Ferry’s former occupancy with her husband and two sons.

Lawrence had moved from her previous space on Second Street.

Inside Lawrence’s former business grows another.

Ed Mann, mountain biker, Colorado River Area Trail Alliance leader and local growth enthusiast, will be opening a bike shop.

What goes around comes around and there’s a pie that has plenty of slices.

Business plans are still coming together, and renovations are still being made. According to the parties involved, doors will open sometime in April – just in time for more First Friday activities and a better, warmer downtown experience.